by Tim Blakely

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some lo fi that i made over the last year and a half. tracks 1, 2, 6, and 9 were written in a dorm room in corvallis, tracks 3 and 5 were written in the house i grew up in in gresham, track 4 was written in my grandma's house in portland, track 7 was written in katie's apartment in corvallis, and track 8 was written in my dad's house in vancouver.


released October 10, 2015

most of track ten was written by andrew ketch
devin curtis giggles in track 10, and can be heard quietly typing throughout the rest
i wrote, performed, and recorded the rest
album art by katie mortimer


tags: folk Oregon


all rights reserved


Tim Blakely Oregon

lol! haha :)

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Track Name: eat when i'm hungry
sometimes i think that i'm as good as Brian E
but most of the time i know i'm just Moby
i've been trying find my place in between
confidence and entitlement

i don't
i can

i can't stop playing with my hair it's a problem
i'll just have devin shave it off i know i won't stop
i've been trying to find my place in between
the extremities on either side

i guess
i'll just
try to
eat when
i'm hungry

i'm a lo li-ife
Track Name: shuttle bus
on my way back to school
bus left at 8 pm
there's almost no one on this bus
it's so dark

listening to pete holmes
everything feels calm
facebook's lighting up your face
you don't need wifi on a bus
i guess it's not up to me
Track Name: audiopile of trash
shawn's fucking it all up
no one
likes dub as much as you do
that swell makes me roll my eyes

comes upstairs we'll make some
It's Such a Beautiful Day
i guess i'm glad i came
Track Name: holiday break;holiday broken
i can't trust anyone
i just want someone to tell me what to do

how much do i love the
things that i love just cause they're there

i can't sleep in this bed
Track Name: gresham
wake up to
sun outside
it's not that warm
still go outside

wearing jorts!
about to leave

yellow bush
push back leaves
underneath them
there's still all this green

prineville postcard
looks more sunny there

(jerry bassline)
Track Name: couch potato
get up off those lazy bones
you're not doing anyone
any favors services
or good

stick your face between those
pillows tell me if there's anything
down there

i feel like i'm wasting my day
i feel like i'm wasting away
i can't seem to plan it out
i feel like i'm stuck in a day dream
Track Name: my grandma's house and katie's house
you don't own anything
why even pretend
everything in your
house belongs to the earth

set yourself free
let go of material
the dalai lama doesn't have a cell phone don't you think
he knows what's up

you'll be dust pretty soon
so will all of your shit

i wanna walk around
all over the place
but first i need to
get a new pair of shoes

fear and hoarding run
all across my family
if i can't fight my instincts
will i ever be happy

you'll be dust pretty soon
so will everyone you know
Track Name: yoga w/ my dad
i just wanna be a
mind and body
i don't want to feel the
clothes and hair on me

when my dad does yoga out
in his back yard
or digs a hole in
his garden

he listens to a
police scanner

my dad grew up in indiana
and la
came here after he crashed

he takes melatonin every
night before he sleep
i doubt that it works

he has a water bed
and anxiety
he's read every thing
written by stephen king
Track Name: bones
all my skeletons are in the
bathroom getting ready it's like a
whole big fucking deal if we leave
now we'll still be late

fuck you i'll just stay here i'll lay
in bed no matter how loud you scream

i'll play my bones like xylophones i'll
make noise and drink water not like
you you shut your computer when
i walked in the room

you're an alcoholic deity
sized piece of trash i hope you die
Track Name: love by andy
these leaves of grass
tear around my knees
the warm wind blows
through the tall of the trees

i'm wishing
i'm wishing i can be so free

i'm finding you hear
through the rough of the waves
it sure isn't fair

i'm finding
i'm finding i may be so free

the planets align
to give you sight through the stars
see a future or three
look straight past my heart

oh you can
oh you can make me so free

how much do i
love the things
i love just
because they're there

my georgian love
sweep the dust of my hands
sleep me through the shade
take me from this land

i'm finding
i may be so free